Studiebezoek aan Krakow & Auschwitz (2-5 februari 2018)

Dit programma wordt aangeboden in het Engels voor studenten aan universiteiten en hogescholen. Ook het bezoek aan het Memorial Auschwitz-Birkenau is onder leiding van een Engelse gids. Op deze manier kunnen ook internationale studenten deelnamen aan dit studiebezoek.

We must not forget the Holocaust. We must remember those who lost their lives so it will not happen again. Join us on our visit to Auschwitz, 2-5 February, 2018. It is open to students at Dutch universities at Bachelor, Master and PhD-level. We remember by visiting Auschwitz innocent lives who perished in the Second World War.

What can we learn for the future? The people who are in the midst of armed conflicts try to save their loved ones and themselves, often by leaving their homes and searching for a place that will guarantee them safety and peace. There are people in need whom we call refugees and people who can help them rebuild their lives after many hardships and war traumas. And yet, in current political debates, we see much resistance and hear many hateful words toward those who were force to leave their countries and flee for their lives. How can we not learn from history?

Friday 2 February


All students meet at 10H00 at Eindhoven airport. We start with a short meeting for team-building. After the flight to Krakow and check-in at the hotel we will go to Krakow University for lectures.
Saturday 3 February


Today we have a 6-hour visit to the Auschwitz Memorial Museum. Together with a museum guide we will explore in depth Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau. During the evening dinner back in Krakow we have a discussion and reflection time together led by the student chaplains.
Sunday 4 February This morning we have a city walk in Krakow. We will visit the jewish district Kazimierz and see memorial places linked to jewish history. In the evening we have a panel discussion about what we can learn from the past for the future. Topics include migration, diviersity and tolerance. We will explore how we can share our experiences together by columns, blogs and vlogs.
Monday 5 February Free morning for city exploration. In the afternoon we fly back to Eindhoven.


KRI study visit Auschwitz
Registration form

Time: 2-5 February, 2018
Costs: 175 € per person + travel to Eindhoven Airport (including flight, hotel, transportation, food).
Please register before December 20, 2017. Voor meer informatie kun je contact opnemen met Günther Sturms, / 06-53537101.

The KRI Catholic Council for Chuch and Judaim organises this study visit together with the university chaplaincies MoTiv (Delft) and The InnBetween (Maastricht). Chaplains Günther Sturms and Claudia Sarti will chair this visit.

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