The World Union for Progressive Judaism feliciteert Franciscus I

The World Union for Progressive Judaism sends warms greetings to the new leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis I. The election of the first pope from outside of Europe in 1200 years is a strong indication of the changing dynamics within the church. Pope Francis I has shown much empathy with the Jewish community of Argentina and was one of the first leaders to demand justice after the bombing of the Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aries.

This humble priest brings sincerity and hope to Christianity and all people of faith.

The WUPJ wishes Pope Francis I a long and successful term and continual good relations with the Jewish world.

Mike Grabiner, Chair
Dr. Philip Bliss, Vice Chair
Shai Pinto, VP, COO
Rabbi Gary Bretton-Granatoor, VP, Philanthropy
Rabbi Joel Oseran, VP, International Development

Bron: World Union for Progressive Judaism
website World Union

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